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June 17 - 19, 2014
Bernburg-Strenzfeld, Germany
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Bavarian Exports Award

Honoring their long-term export achievements and outstanding international networking, the Bavarian Exports Award has been conferred to the Heinz Walz GmbH. On this occasion, a short movie on the company profile has been recorded.
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Versatile research fluorometer combining recording of chlorophyll fluorescence with measurements of PS I yield, 515 nm electrochromic shift, 535 nm scattering changes, NADPH formation or proton-sensitive dyes.
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High-class research fluorometer offering a variety of measuring and actinic light colors. Its US-T accessory for exact control of cuvette temperature has recently been considerably improved. Current publications underpin the high performance of the MULTI-COLOR-PAM chlorophyll fluorometer.
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Compact and portable PAM fluorometer with exceptional time resolution permitting high-resolution recordings of F0 to FM rise (OJIP). As a matter of course, PAM-2500 features standard saturating pulse analysis under field conditions.
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Top-of-the-range portable infra-red gas analyzer (IRGA) to quantify CO2 gas exchange concomitantly with PS II and PSI activities. The new control unit (3100-C) features a powerful Windows computer providing a high-resolution color touch screen. The latest accessory is the very bright LED-Panel RGBW-L084 emitting white, red, green and blue light for homogeneous illumination of 10 cm x 14 cm.
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Multi-site chlorophyll fluorometer for long-term analysis of photosynthesis in ecophysiology and agriculture. Measuring heads of the AQUATIC version of the MONITORING-PAM have been newly designed. Specifically, POM housing and titanium clips have been introduced to further improve resistance against corrosion under wet conditions.
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